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Sharp Energy Solutions and Sustech Agrees to Jointly Develop Non-FIT Solar Power Generation Business in Asia, etc.


Sharp Corporation
Sustech Inc.

 Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (Headquarter: Yao City, Osaka, President: Hirozumi Gokaku / hereinafter referred to as “SESJ”) and Sustech Inc. (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Yusuke Tanno, Yuichiro Iida, hereinafter referred to as “Sustech”) have agreed to jointly develop a non-FIT power generation business centered on PPA*1 (Power Purchase Agreements) in the Asian region and Japan, where there is a growing need to utilize non-FIT (Feed-in Tariff System*2) power sources to which FIT is not applied, and have signed a basic agreement on this collaboration.


 In recent years, in order to achieve carbon neutrality, there has been growing interest in environmental management around the world, such as by using renewable energy for the electricity used in corporate activities. On the other hand, upon introducing renewable energy, while companies purchase renewable energy power and environmental value from the market*3 and install solar power plants on its own factories and idle land, the movement to introduce PPA utilizing install external solar power plants is also increasing. However, in order to introduce PPA, there are various issues such as the installation cost of the power plant, operational know-how, and maintenance.
 Therefore, in order to work on the further spread and expansion of solar power generation, SESJ, which designs, constructs, and maintains solar power plants in Japan and overseas, and Sustech, which is engaged in the green transformation support business of companies, such as the development and operation of ELIC*4 distributional power operation platform, have decided to jointly construct and operate non-FIT solar power plants and invest in power plants in the Asian region and Japan, where the demand for non-FIT power sources are increasing.

Details of collaboration

 SESJ will be responsible for the design and construction of solar power plants, as well as maintenance after completion, while Sustech will be responsible for discovering sites for solar power plants, supplying power to power consumers, and providing power aggregation services using ELIC power operation platform. It is planned to start in the Asian region, where demands are strong.
 With this collaboration, companies working on environmental management will be able to provide one-stop services from consideration to operation of solar power plants, mainly PPA. Both parties will continue to support companies’ introduction of renewable energy and contribute to the further spread and expansion of renewable energy.

Roles of both companies

Company nameRole
Sharp Energy
Solutions Corporation
・Design and construction of solar power plants
・Maintenance after completion
Sustech Inc.・Excavation of land for solar power plants, supply of electricity to power consumers
・Power aggregation service utilizing ELIC power operation platform
*1 Power generation company and an electricity consumer conclude a purchase and sale contract for renewable electricity, and supply renewable power generated at the power generation company’s solar power plant to electricity consumers.
*2 System in which electric power companies purchase electricity generated by renewable energy at a fixed price for a certain period of time.
*3 Compensating for greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided in economic activities by investing in greenhouse gas reduction activities commensurate with emissions.
*4 A platform that realizes power generation forecasts, plan submissions, market sales, etc. for renewable energy sources.

ABOUT Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation

Business: Planning, development, sales, and services of residential solar power generation equipment, storage batteries, HEMS, etc.
       Design, construction supervision and maintenance of industrial solar power generation equipment.
       Other Energy Solutions Business
Established: March 1968
Location: 3-1-72 Kitakamei-cho, Yao City, Osaka
Representative: Hirozumi Gokaku (President)

ABOUT Sustech Inc.

Business: Decarbonization platform business, energy DX support business
Established: June 2021
Location: Shiba Park Hanshin Building 5F, 3-1-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representatives: Yuichiro Iida, Yusuke Tanno (Representative Directors)

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